Monday, December 13, 2010

birthday time

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to meee,

yap today is my birthday, cool? not yet.

so i want tell my story about super cooltoday, when i woke up for pray my family was said happy bithday to me then i sleep again just for a while, then when i woke up for the second time i saw my family prepared my birthday stuff they gave super cool present i really like it. after eat the cake and try all present, as usualy i spent my time to school hah. yap its monday my school always hold the fucking ceremony. nobody say happy birthday to me even in class until nabila say out loud when she into the class 'mira ulang tahun ya?' -___- how shame was me. and then they said happy birthday to me. ya when we break much friend said happy birthday to me, thank you all. yap school is over lila want to borrow my book, and the book is at my home, after that i back to school. i meet nadhira and titha we have a plan to treat to watch movie because nadhira and titha birthday in december too. we got a great conversation until titha and nadhira go home. so i go home too. when i'm home prima call me and ask me where was me and nadhira. unbelieve farah, talitha, davina and prima come to my home and bring the candle and pancake. how surprise was me they come and sing along when i played computer after that we ate in ikobana. and home i got a story after that but i want to sleep i will post the story for you ♥♥

and happy birthday to meee

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