Monday, December 27, 2010


bored holiday :/

i still play internet, i still in home.
i spent my holiday just play tumblr ♥♥♥
oh but i celebrate the chirstmas, at least im not in home for all the time.
im bored.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I’m a lesbian so i must have a crush on every girl i see.
I have alot of guy friends so i must be fucking every single one of them.
I smile alot, so i must have the perfect life.
I listen to reggae, so I must be a stoner.
My opinion matters, so I must be a bitch.
I’m comfortable with my body, so I get around?
I’m friends with a lot of guys, so I’ve must have hooked up with all of them.
I like to help out, so I must be a suck up.
I’m black, so I must be ghetto.
I’m black, so I must be stupid.
I’m Mexican, so I must be low class.
I’m bisexual, so I must get around.
I’m straight up blunt, so I must be a bitch.
I like to drink, so I must be an alcoholic.
I don’t hang out with guys, so I must be a lesbian.
I cut myself so I must be emo.
I’m bisexual, so none of my girl friends can feel safe.
I laugh and smile, so I cannot be depressed.
I like spending my day at home, so I don’t have any friends
I am gay, so i must be bullied
Most of my friends are dudes, so I must be a tomboy.
I’m on Tumblr, so I must have zero friends in real life
I’m a Muslim, so I must be a terrorist
I make alot of mistakes so I must be stupid/retarded.
I strongly defend LGBT so I must be gay.
I’m from a broken family, so I must be a rebel.
I like rasta colors, so I must smoke weed.
I’ve had sex, so I must be a slut.
I’ve made mistakes, so I must be untrustworthy.
I really love him, so I must hold on.
I’m a Filipino, so I must be a maid.
I really love him, so I must be taken for granted.
I’m a Politician, so I must be corrupt.
I’m Blonde, so I must be really stupid.
I’m wearing a black shirt, so I must be emo.
I wear make up, so I must be a flirt.
I make alot of mistakes, so I must be hated.
I am a teenager, so I must be misunderstood.

source: here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

birthday time part 2

hii, let's continue the story hehe.

i forgot where i stoped the story *checking the last post* we change to bahasa hehe

setelah dari ikobana kita semua pulang tapi farah engga gara gara banyak anak cowok yang bertaburan dijalan pulangnya-_- padahal jalannya ga nyampe 500 meter lagi nyampe kerumahnya. akhirnya farah main kerumah gue, ngapain? gatau sampe akhirnya farah bilang mau kerumah davina. yak kita udah sampe rumah davina, kata embanya masuk aja paling davina dikamarnya. kita udah didepan kamarnya nih, ngapain? bingung. akhirnya gue buka pintu kamarnya cuman buat intip intip dan dia TIDUR. gue bingung mau ngapain lagi farah akhirnya buka pintunya dan davina masih tidur. gara gara bingung mau ngapain gue sama farah pulang. ditanya embanya davina 'ada davinanya?' gue bilang 'iya ada(gue tapi ga ngasih tau kalo dia tidur)' 'kok cepet banget' kata embanya. duh mbae gue ngeles ngeles dikit dan bilang 'iya mau ngembaliin barang doang-_-' eh ngembaliin apa yak duh tolol banget gue waktu itu. yak kita balik kerumah masing masing.

waktu udah mepet mepet jam setengah 3 gue musti GO, gue nunggu tukang ojek gue kok lama banget yang sampe jam setengah 3 lewat 15an dan gue telat ah tapi gapapa. di GO gue bete berat gue bosen gue sih ga dicuekin tapi gue duduk sendiri di kursi belakang. sendiri sendiri bayangin belajar sendiri bosen. akhirnya gue main hp dan ga dengerin pelajaran, abis dari GO ya gua pulang.

sampe sini gue bingung mau cerita apa lagi hehe. udahan yak maaf gantung namanya juga idup gua.

Monday, December 13, 2010

birthday time

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to meee,

yap today is my birthday, cool? not yet.

so i want tell my story about super cooltoday, when i woke up for pray my family was said happy bithday to me then i sleep again just for a while, then when i woke up for the second time i saw my family prepared my birthday stuff they gave super cool present i really like it. after eat the cake and try all present, as usualy i spent my time to school hah. yap its monday my school always hold the fucking ceremony. nobody say happy birthday to me even in class until nabila say out loud when she into the class 'mira ulang tahun ya?' -___- how shame was me. and then they said happy birthday to me. ya when we break much friend said happy birthday to me, thank you all. yap school is over lila want to borrow my book, and the book is at my home, after that i back to school. i meet nadhira and titha we have a plan to treat to watch movie because nadhira and titha birthday in december too. we got a great conversation until titha and nadhira go home. so i go home too. when i'm home prima call me and ask me where was me and nadhira. unbelieve farah, talitha, davina and prima come to my home and bring the candle and pancake. how surprise was me they come and sing along when i played computer after that we ate in ikobana. and home i got a story after that but i want to sleep i will post the story for you ♥♥

and happy birthday to meee

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally its out

finally after i wait for a long time, cool!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

posting ditengah belajar itu asik

apabanget judulnya. ya gue juga tau tapi serius asik besok gue ulangan biologi gue ngerasa terlalu (sok) ngerti dibab ini entar liat aja kenyataannya 100 amin yaAllah eh iya hari ini gue gamasuk sekolah dong sebenernya dari awal kemaren berangkat sekolah udah ngerasa pusing terus pulang sekolah langsung demam. kakak, ade, bokap eyang gue juga sempet cuman kakak gue aja yang berlanjut sakitnya ya dia tifes. entah lah tulisannya gimana, gue mau cerita waktu hari selasa kan pada ngomong secondhand mau dateng dan mau nonton terus jb terus maroon5 pada antusias uwe uwe uweeee. waktu gue ngomong nonton a rocket to the moon aja yuk ato ga i see star? KRIK........ oke gabisa ngomong fys, dtf, heymonday, a7x, mcr, tss, versaemerge, nsn. semua jadi wtf (?) udah deh segitu aja. gue masih pengen pinter dan pengennya pinter tanpa belajar. bye.

gwrs brother

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ulangan (lagi)

@reginss Semuanya katanya RT @almiraprts: ulangan yang bab mana sih? RT @reginss Apaan ni mtk ulangan aja terus pusing woi ngitung mulu eerrrr-___-

whatthef, gue lupa ahelah
belajar lagi belajar lagi gue baru pulang GO

Sunday, November 28, 2010

failed photography

hela blog i had tell about my shcool had "porseni" its the time when we'rent study, and plaaaay. hm no its time to we out our talent in shcool i followed in photography but i dont won it, i dont care i just want to join. well before i go home i saw the winner photo i think its not good and the third its better. im so sorry but its my opinion, wait! this time to GO bye i will post at the night bye.

what is your nature

Which month were you born in?

Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the centre. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn’t pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Unpredictable.
Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them MFE.

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexiest out of everyone.A real speed demon. Has more than one best friend. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

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Suave and compromising.. Funny and humorous. Stubborn. Very talkative. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal. Does work well with others. Very confident. Sensitive.. Positive Attitude. Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Able to cheer everyone up and/or make them laugh. Able to motivate oneself and others. Understanding. Fun to be around. Outgoing. Hyper. Bubbly personality. Secretive. Boy/girl crazy. Loves sports, music, leisure and travelling. Systematic.. Hot but has brains.

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Im december and the its to same with me i dont know why but i think its same.
i got this from here

Monday, November 15, 2010

ga sabar

lo tau 1 juli masih lagi gila cepetan gue mau nonton-_______- gaaaaah ga sabar

Saturday, November 13, 2010

i hate november

entah kenapa gue sekarang lebih banyak curhat dari pada nulis yang berguna diblog, soalnya gue bingung mau cerita sama siapa yang bisa dipercaya gue punya temen yang two facenya dewa banget, yang mainannya ngadu ke orang tua, yang embernya setengah mati, ada sih beberapa yang gue percaya tapi gue selalu mengurungkan diri buat cerita kemereka gue ngerasa jijik sama geli kalo gue cerita kemereka, i hate when people know me im sad and cry, jangan sampe jangan sampe. well, gue jarang banget cerita gue juga mau cerita ke nyokap pasti dengan ga sengaja bokap juga tau dan gue selalu mengurungkan niat gue buat ngelampiasin hal yang ada dihati gue, eh iya pokoknya dari awal november sampe sekarang gue ngerasa makin ga ada niat buat idup, tapi gue ga pengen mati. gue ga ada tujuan idup sekarang berasa kosong. belajar ganiat, mau buat proyek kayak kelas delapan sekarang malah udah nyampah rasanya. oke stop gue gamau sedih sedih lagi lenje lenje lagi gue rasa postingan ini yang terlenje gue buat apa ada yang lain? terserah aja. sekarang gue mau bahas topik lain yang seneng seneng gitu ceritanya tapi ga ada. oke gue omongin band aja hahaha, gue semangat. jadi gini adrie subono tuh katanya yang gue simpulkan dari twitternya dia kayak kayaknya dia bakal datengin ARTTM, gila iya gue teriak teriak sendiri aaaaa, terus terus terus ada juga yang lebih deket lagi konsernya aaaaaa yaitu, four years strong gila lo dengein itu semua rasa kesel lo pasti keluar, tapi gue belom nemuin lagu FYS yang cocok sama keadaan gue sekarang woles aja deh gue. balik lagi ketopik yang ga lenje lenje. gila kakak gue beli dan dia GA NGAJAK NGAJAK parah sinting gila aaaa gue kesel waktu dia bilang mau nonton dan dia udah titip tiketnya sama temennya rasanya pengen gue mutilasi kakak gue. eh ya adrie gosip gosipnya mau datengin greenday, hem mati aja gue konser 2011 cuman greenday doang kalo gitu mahalnya ga nyante lagi. eh iya melenceng dikit soal disekolah gue ya mau buat porseni gitu haha baguslah seenggaknya sekolah gua buat. ada lomba photografy, gue mau ikut sih tapi ga ada yang nawarin akhirnya jurus andalan gue keluar gue yaitu, mengurungkan niat gue...... yang disaranin paling yang gitu gitu. gua males gabung sama kelas gue entar dikira jb jb, mana anak kelas gue kalo ngomong dalemnya masya allah ga bisa ditoleransi lagi. pokonya gue belom ngerasa november ini enak, bad day bad month, bad me, bad life, bad november.

Monday, November 08, 2010


aah rasanya pengen gue cepetan lulus dengan nem yang memuaskan amin. ya gue pengen cepetan gue ngerasa sekarang gabisa gila gilan dikelas lagi, semua fokus ke pelajaran, bimbel dan macam les lainnya akhirnya keteteran, capek? iya. kelas gue belom kompak loh, hebat gue salut sama kelas inibeberapa orang yang kompak doang yang asik sama yang asik, terkadang gue pengen gabung sama meraka tapi gua tau diri entar ganyambung mau ditaro dimana lagi muka gua? entar di anggep terpenjak omaygat sebenernya pengen tapi kalo cupu ya emang tetep aja cupu. gue duduk tuh dibagian anak cowok yang pinter pinter, yang pinter sama yang asik asik barisan kursinya tuh ujung sama ujung, alhasil gue jadi temenan sama yang cowok yang pinternya ga bisa ditoleransi lagi. mereka baik sih tapi yagitu lah gue ngerasa teetekan soal baru selese mereka udah jawab, lah gua? inget rumus aja musti ngubek ngubek otak dulu. hari ini ada pelajarn fisika wow terus gue kan udah ngerti ya gue nyatet untuk menuhin catetan eh lagi gurunya ga nerangin kan gue sok bergaya ala kamen rider taunya kepergok, gue sam temen sebelah gue langsung dipanggil, ini bukan disuruh kedepan terus ngelawak, tapi gue disuruh ke bp dan lalalala poin gue berkurang 5 wuhuuu. badday? he eh

Monday, November 01, 2010

oh my god

gosh what the fvking nightmare eeeeeeeeeeerggggh my friend lits was gone,
i dont know when and why. ergh

Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween all
(i hope Indonesia have halloween party, aAaAaAaAaAa)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I made it, damnyeaaaah

want more? check out my flickr

model: my sister
AaAaAaA thank youuu

Friday, October 15, 2010


Locomostrip | Advantage Of Twitter

(click to enlarge and clearer)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

midtest its not over

wohayo teman. sesuai dengan judul midtest gue belom selese, parah matematika masih nyoba gentayangin gue, pkn juga. ergh semoga aja gue bisa amin.
ohiya ohiya tadi kan gue kumpulin rapot hihi terus terus gue dipuji nilanya. jijik
eh temen gue banyak yang jadian loh haha uang pun menumpuk, guenya? kelaut. dan lagi gue juga ga minat
akhir akhir ini gue main komputer buat mainin the sims haha gue gila the sims lagi.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

judul itu adalah title

jakarta jam ga nonton, damn gue sakit. yak satu satunya harapan adalah java rockingland gue udah dibolehin nonton tiga tiganya hore asik asik acik gue udah senang aaaa tapi ada satu kejadian yang sangat gue kesel kopet dan babi argh MID TES kesel bat gua sama sekolah udah tau ada java rockingland eh besoknya mid tes pak gatong saya gaboleh nonton jadinya. mang atang bilangin pak gatong supaya mid tes dibatalkan(loh)
sebenernya ini mid testnya juga ga ada jadwal ikutin jadwal hari biasa. jadi jangan harap bisa pulang cepet karena kita cuman boleh ulangan 2 ulangan per hari dan sisanya BELAJAR gila lu tong(pak gatong) kampret lu, udah tau ulangan bukannya dikasih waktu istiharat capek gua kelas 9 stres, pasti guru paling kesel sama ulangan kan waktu dulu? punya hati dikit ngapa sihulangan boleh open book, kalkulator boleh, nyontek boleh, ga ngerjain pr boleh, tidur dikelas pun juga boleh(loh malah ga sekolah ini).

jadi, gue kesel sama pak gatong, sekolah, beserta mid tesnya

Friday, October 01, 2010


hello blog, udah lama banget gue gabuka blog, gara gara bisa dibilang jadwal minggu ini sangat padat fufufufufufufffffck

senin-jumat: sekolah biasa dan tiap hari ada pr semua mata pelajarannya ada pr, gasegan segan prnya tu sebuku elah, sekalian aja ngasih buku cetak buat gurunya gila semuanya ada dibuku cetak kok. tapi gue pulang biasa jam 12.10

senin, rabu: gue bimbel di salah satu tempat bimbel deket rumah gue namanya Ganesha Operation(GO) dari jam 3 sampe jam 6, gila? iya. tapi ini lebih menyenangkan daripada sekolah temennya sih satu sekolah semua kecuali ada 2 murid bukan

selasa: ngaji. gue kan muslimah, mau masuk surga jadi ngaji dunn dari jam setengah 5 sampe jam setengah 6

kamis: gue free akhirnya, tapi gue bakal ada les bahasa inggris, awalnya dari kelas tk b sampe kelas 8 semester 1 les tapi gue berenti gara gara gue kira bakal sibuk sama kelas 9 ternyata iya sih, tapi ga separah yang gue kira. jadi gue les lagi milih harinya entaran aja nyamain sama les lain.

jumat: gue free bener bener, sekolah pulang dicepetin yuhuuuu dewa ini hari jumat, hari kemenangan para muslim, emang kemenangan buat gue karena gue bebas

sabtu: enggak free, bisa ya. padahal banyak orang yang suka hari sabtu karena udah bebas merdeka semangat 45 kembali lagi, tapi gue ENGGAK gue ada pendalaman materi(pm), pm sih enak tapi sama aja ganggu gue istirahat, kesel gueeee, abis itu biasanya ngurus pramuka dulu bisa bisa pulang jam setangah 2an tapi gue sering kabur dari pramuka. (gue sering ditinggal pergi hari sabtu gara gara pm. fuck pm, shit pm)

minggu: sebenernya bebas, bisa pergi tapi ga boleh sampe malem gara gara besok upacara, pr, belom lagi ulangan makin ga pergi lagi.

nih gini cerita awalnya tuh gue mau cerita kejadian sial gue hari ini sial banget.
gini gatau kenapa semenjak kelas 9 gue ngerasa gue lebih tertata aja idupnya malem udah siapin semuanya dari mulai seragam, buku+prprnya, semua udah. beda banget sama gue kelas 8 yang acak acakan bangun jam 6 belom mandi, siapin baju, buku, dan pr mungkin baru beberapa. back to the topic jadi tadi pagi gue berangkat rada telat, abis itu gara gara kebagian cewek untuk lari pagi dan cowok asmaul husnaan, gue pun lari sebenernya jalan sih tapi capek tetep aja. terus gue sempet ga masuk waktu ulangan matematika udah 2 kali gue langsung bayar itu semua hari ini juga ooooh dan gue ada remed biologi. soal biologi susah banget gila apalagi yang essay, gampangan ulangan aslinya kali, tapi gue yakin dapet lebih baik. pulang sekolah gue langsung susulan matematika susah apalagi ada acara sukuran guru yuhuu jadi gue ulangan sendiri di ruang guru, untung gue ga bejat gue ga buka rumus. nah acara selese guru masuk keruang guru makan. hem gue murid sendiri unyu mtk susahnya nomor terakhir lagi soalnya ada 25, nomor 1 sampe 16 bisa walopun otak udah gue puter puter buat nyari rumusnya yang mana akhirnya ketemu nomor 17-25 gue ada beberapa ngarang tapi ada juga yang enggak, akhirnya gue selese. waktu gue mau pulang tadi dipesen sama temen gue buat main kerumah dia, yaudah gue berencana main sampe jam 1, itu masih jam 12 lewat. didepan rumah dia gue udah ngebel ngebel terus tapi ga dibuka. untungnya gue baik gue ga langsung nyelonong karena gue juga mikir kalo gue langsung nyelonong gue bakal diteriakin maling malingan, terus masuk koran beritanya seorang bocah dekil mencoba menyelinap rumah orang lain. yaudah gue pulang aja eh ditengah jalan gue ketemu temen gue yang rumahnya tetanggaan sama gue, dia ngajak pulang bareng gue pun meniyakan. sebelom pulang gue minta dia temenin beli sosis mie diwarung ibu mimin(sumpah ini enak banget) eh tapi dia ketemu temennya dia minta tunggu bentar yaudah gue tunggu sambil makan sosis mienya bu mimin yang enak itu. 10 menit kemudian BELOM SELESE gue udah beberapa kali ngangguk ngangguk minta pulang eh dia bilang tunggu bentar. gue ga betah sosis mie yang enak itu udah abis mau beli lagi tapi males kesana lagi, akhirnya gue tinggalin aja gue males gila nunggu 10 menit lagi mungkin kalo gue sabar 30 menit nyampe kali. akhirnya gue jalan kerumah , gue sampe rumah jam 12 lewat 15. dirumah gue solat langsung tepar dan tidur sampe jam setengah 5(jarak gue kesekolah tuh bia dibilang 300-500 meteran lah jadi ngesot juga bakal nyampe)

,salam sial

Saturday, September 25, 2010

gue jadi melankolis sesaat

wow, bingung ga sama judulnya? gue sih aneh gara gara kata nyokap gue tuh susah berempati padahal aku kalo pipis kuning kok, oke itu empedu tapi liat, gue juga bingung kenapa nulis begitu dari hati kali, jijik yaudah daripada gue banyak omong yang gapenting liat aja

gombal gombal cocwit gitu hehe hehe hehehehehehe
terus gue sama talitha bales balesan, inyi minyi miney mo banget

udah diluar itu beda topik lagi
go follow her @taltalithung

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i dont know what the tittle

this me: "I Killed Robert Pattinson because the police said so"


-take it if you want-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I like In A Guy

1. brown hair | black hair | blonde hair | red hair
2. tall | short | same height as you
3. ear piercings | eyebrow piercings | snake bites | no piercings | other
4. tattoos | no tattoos | idgaf
5. skater | punk | player | indie | cowboy | musician | prep | jock | other
6. shy | outgoing | in between
7. mellow | hyper | loud | quiet
8. blue eyes | brown eyes | green eyes
9. wears tight jeans | wears normal jeans | other
10. converse | vans | nikes | skate shoes | other
11. listens to: metal | rap | indie | classic rock | country | all | other
12. compliments too much | compliments when necessary
13. jokes around all the time | jokes when necessary
14. sensitive | hides emotion | acts tough
15. hobbies: computer | music | skating | sports | drawing | fishing | other
16. loves to hold | loves to be held
17. tons of muscles | fit | skinny | chubby
18. pale | average | tan | dark
19. cusses a lot | never cusses | moderatly cusses | only cusses around friends | who even gives a fuck
20. wavy hair | curly hair | straight hair | long hair | longish hair | short hair

copy pasted this from this blog

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Finnaly its holiday

I like holiday, how about you?
I think you like to, who's doesn't like holiday? you're crazy

just want to say

Monday, August 23, 2010


because i confused about the topic, i think now i make school topic hah i hate it-_-
so i want to share what i have to school

my ben 10 backpack

ya stationery, *yaiyalah kalo ga gue nulis make apa? batu*
ya tiap hari bawaanya gitu *gue make kacamata udah lama*

pelajaran ipa

goodbye reader(s)

bukber sama #mmg81

finally, heh buka bersama juga. pertamanya yang cowok pada mau ikut etaunya enggak jadi gara gara pindah awalnya di kfc taunya penuh ke hokben alhasil yang bukber cuman cewek ceweknya doang huehuehue yaud ini ceritanya cuman mau ngasih liat foto^^

yasegitu aja lama banget uploadnya, sisanya check in my facebook

Saturday, August 21, 2010

super cool

I shudder went i listen waaaaaa, they sing 4 songs (Y)

cool them

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



i made this to be twitter avatar-__-

Monday, August 16, 2010

Indonesia want it birthday

tomorrow is Indonesia's birthday
happy 65

thank you
Ir. soekarno
M. hatta
and, manny more-_-

you are my hero

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Notifications facebook


Saturday, August 14, 2010

om Adrie Subono (KUDA)

KUDA (KUis DAdakan) from adrie sobono uwiiii
itu dapet tiket gratis terserah mau yang mana aja enak banget gaboong waktu itu temen gue sempet dapet tapi yang konser cobra , jujur mending dapet tiket gratis udah gratis dapet semacam id card gitu, esh mau nah sekarang ada lagi tapi buat java rocking land hanjiiiiir mau gua mana ada the maine hellogoodbye sama stereophonics lagi ^^ uwa makin mau nih beberapa foto gue print screen sebagai bukti *buktiapaansihmirabodohnih*

itu waktu pertama kali, eh terus banyak yang protes kalo #200.000 yang .000 dibelakangnya gamau terus diubah

jadi #200000 nah ininih gua ngikut2 *yaiyalah siapa tau menang* *tingitingting*

oke mau ikutan lagi. bye, reader(s)

Friday, August 13, 2010


hella blog, i never tell now i'm in nineth ya its late, too late, very late, very very late-_-

hm, i dont know the topics, ya maybe i must search the topic(s) hm i think this post its manny topcs because i dont know what i'm post, i'm so bored

so, now i like tumblr, ya i have tumblr account its to long when i seventh you know, i so confused about what am i post-_-.

i want to watch inception, you know what in imdb it was get 9,2 rating, wawawa gabe saporta cant sleep after watch inception.

today is have 'buka puasa bersama' with my lovely scout friends, but i cant followed because nobody can take me home, hello somebody can you help today?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jackson Rathbone in action-_-

huaaaaaaaah *melting*

Jackson Rathbone Wants To Play The Riddler In 'Batman 3'

Jackson Rathbone, the actor the plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight films has been added to the list of actors interested in playing The Riddler in ‘Batman 3.’

It seems like almost all the time now that actors express their interest in playing The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. Actors such as Brian Austin Green, David Tennant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dane Cook, Robin Williams, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp, Andy Serkis, Eddie Murphy, and Michael C. Hall have all let it be known that they would be interested in taking up the role and now comes another name that can be added to this list - Jackson Rathbone.

Rathbone plays Jasper Cullen in the Twilight films and is arguably one of the most talented actors to come out of the film series.

When Jackson Rathbone was at Melanie Segal’s T.J. Maxx-sponsored Celebrity Retreat on Wednesday, August 5th, when asked by Hollywood Life about playing The Riddler: “Are you kidding me? I would do that at the drop of a hat!” He continued on as he joked, “I’m not going to take my hat off now, but that would be awesome.” On the serious note, he explained, “That is the kind of role I like. I like character parts.”

Rathone is a pretty good actor. I guess I would not be against his playing The Riddler. Considering all the brilliant talents that could be cast, Rathbone is not someone I would immediately want for it.

‘Batman 3’ is expected to be directed by Christopher Nolan, and be released on July 20, 2012. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman are expected to return.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Teen choice award 2010

you see? sherlock holmes was a winner in action movie BRAVOOOO uwoo

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Last Airbender

that the cartoon

but now have a real movie this

aaaaa Jackson Rathbone as Sokka, hmm sokka? i think he's absurd, hm jackson ratbone act absurd? illogical with him face, but in the movie SOKKA IS NOT ABSURD, FUNNY OR ANYMORE, and what the hell to-_-

this the official trailer


Bwahahahaha ngakak gue sumpah liat aja awalnya cengar cengir, tapi setelah beberapa menit perut jadi sakit, anjrit

Sunday, August 01, 2010

happy birthday

happy birthday daddy :D
aaaaaaaa wish you all the best, im sorry if my gift is bad i just give your lovely brand wish you like it

your daughter

California Girls - Katty Perry ft Snoop Dogg


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trending Topics

yap keong racun, you know what? its the video from jojo and sinta, i confess i had saw the video but not 'keong racun' but video of telephone- Lady GaGa

they not sing but they lipsycnh check this out

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway -Evita Nuh

Hey blogger(s) are you know a little very super cute fashion blogger? ya evita nuh. now she's make second giveaway, HURAAAY

here to see her giveaway and check her super great fashion HERE, click now

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vampire Sucks

want to laugh? check this out

i cant stop laughing-_-

Thursday, July 22, 2010


hela blog, long time no see. errr my mom have a new regulation ya its hard
  • dont play computer at 1pm until 4 pm
  • dont play computer at 6pm until 8pm
i think its hard, i just have 1 hour to play, my my said i must sleep at 9pm so i think its hard

dear mom, i think you right, but i had fallen with internet
are you think this therapy?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rubik's clock

waaaaaa finally i finish it, i know its too long to finish but i very proud to myself after finish that game -___-

ya look

we must make like this one

and when i click start its going like this

ehm, if you click the 'flip clock its just back the clock and we must change all the arrow up *i have frustrating in here*

but i have finish that game like this

waaaa 68second

want to play? just click here

ehm. i want it i found in ebay-_-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talitha Rahma


she's on left, your left

wish you:
more beautiful
all the best

stop your smart, hehe. kidding

once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BORNDAY, BURSTDAY to youuuuuuuuuuu

Thursday, July 08, 2010

old class, mad class, lovely class

waaaaaaaa i do not want to leave my class now, i think i cozy with this class between im in 7th. haha I DONT HAVE PHOTO WITH ALL FRIEND IN 8th, because girl and boy is different, ehm i mean boys with boys and girls with the girls. so i want to share about my friends in 8th haha. by the way go to bahasa

(just girls)

Aisha Talitha: anaknya imutz, cantik, pinter bahasa indonesia, dia temen tk gue
Almira Rhea: anaknya pinter, dia bendahara kelas. dia selalu dengan ponytalenya
Ana Nurmalita: anaknya lucu, pipinya minta dicubit sampe lepas
Anggia Widya: anaknya asik, gue lumayan deket sama dia. dia duduk depan gue
Annisa Dini: anaknya pinter, alim, pake kerudung, ngomongnya aku-kamu
Chintya: anaknya kalo ngomong dalem abiez meeeeeeeend
C Michelle: anaknya seru, kalo ngomong blak-blakan, sering bacot2an sama chintya
Daisy L: Anaknya cantik banget, rambutnya bisa di sisir dengan tangan, dia juga seru
Davina Amalia: Anak seru, enak di ajak bercanda, dia suka twilight banget, ehm bbf juga
Davina fitra: anaknya rada jayus, dia suaranya bagus banget
Dewi Juanita: anaknya rada rada-_-, dia mau eksis kali
Farah N: anaknya asik, baik, dia suka banget sama Logan Lerman
Fidiah: anaknya baik, dia suka bantuin gue hafalan agama
Ira D: anaknya baik, asik, pinter, dia juga suka bantuin gue hafalan agama
Matsna: anaknya suka jadi bahan lawakan sekelas dari cewek maupun cowok, dia orangnya terpojok,padahal dia duduk didepan. dia suka marah kalo penulisan namanya salah tulisan kalo maTSna jadi maSTna
Nadhira: anaknya pinter bangetzzz, di kalo dipanggil lagi ngerjain matematika, masih bisa ngitunng sambil ngomong \m/
Poeti: pinternya gausah ditanya, dia juga baiknya setengah mati, dia suka ngajarin gue matematika, dia ngembat semua artis yang ganteng-_-
Prima Ayu: anaknya asik abis, cantik, gawul, dia duduk sebelah gue
Rita: anaknya duduk dibelakang
R farahmia: anaknya frontal banget, suka teriak2 dikelas, dikembaran gue dikelas :D
Talitha R: anaknya pinter... dari rank 10 jadi rank 3, sinting, di duduk belakang gue, lawak mulu dia

udah yang cewek aja, masalahnya gue ga afal yang cowo-_-

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


finally i watch it haha
cerita sebelumnya
kita mau nonton

yang premier
di hari pertama

banyak yang

ya gue awalnya ga tertarik karna banyak ciumannya, tapi dibalik semua itu ternyata banyak jaspernya wawawawaw jengjengjengjeng tenenet tenet, dan akhirnya gue nonton

sebelum nonton:
ya kita cewek cewek doang yang nonton haha, kita ber 10+1(gue, talitha, davina, prima,farah, michelle, mia, rhea, titha, ana +adeknya talitha) naik 2 mobil, mobilnya talitha sama mobilnya talitha bersama mia, prima, davina, dan tentunya talitha

hem sebenernya dimobil gue sempet marah gara gara...
sepele lah

yak akhirnya kita sampe di Mall Arta Gading, yap yang ikut mobil talitha pada udah sampe disana duluan haha,awalnya pada mau ambil jam pertama ehtaunya udah mulai, yaudah ambil yang kedua GUE GA IKUT ANTRI haha, farah narik gue katanya dia laper oke langsung gue ngajuin cari makan soalnya gue juga laper-_-, yasd ga tau gimana ceritanya semua jadi ke food court, awalnya gue mau ke burger king tapi malah enggak ke situ. gue beli kebab eh davina prima sama farah malah ikutan juga-_- yasd gue pun makan, ya di meja makan itu terjadi banyak hal, seperti perang botol, dan perang foto, skip deh makannya gatau gimana juga kita jadi misah, gue talitha farah prima ke gramed dan mereka sisanya ke bioskopnya, mereka nunggu ngapain juga nunggu haha, gue beli mmj sama rolling stone *bales dendam bulan kemaren ga dibeliin-_-* terus yang lain pada telfon kalo udah dibuka studio 1nya *bingung apa kata katanya* yaudah kita ke bioskopnya, jengjeng filmnya... gausah ceritalah nanti aja kalo udah ga ada di bioskop lagi filmnya, nanti jadi ga seru. nah di tengah tengah film itu..... ada yang buat gue ketawa bukan karena film, tapi karena orang yang duduk didepan gue kentut bunyi tapi abis kentut, dia kabur dan tidak bertanggung jawab bwahahahahha gue langsung ketawa, katanya sih ketawanya sampe kedengeran di ujung coba bayangin gue duduk di kursi nomor satu, 17, tapi temen gue di kursi nomor 7-__- bayangkan apa penonton dibelakang gue pada denger?malu ah
ya filmnya pun selese gue keluar senyam senyum gara gara masih terngiang wajah jasper yang ganteng wawawa *oke ini lebay* begini awalnya 6 tiket itu gue mau bawa pulang dan 5 dibawa farah, etaunya pada minta dan gue dapet satu begitupun farah. awalnya kita pada males pulang semua memutuskan untuk karaoke dulu etaunya gajadi-_- oke grup mobil farah dan mobil talitha pun perpisah ditengah jalan sambil merangkul semua dan menucapkan salam untuk terakhir kalinya, huaah gue terharu.
nah ini ada cerita yang menurut gue belibet, nyusahin, capein, lucu dikit,
tapi jangan sekarang takutnya ada yang kebongkar kalo gue beli ah
entar aja tanggalnya udah siap kok,entar dia baca masalahnya
enggak seru jadinya

akhirnya kita pulang kerumah masing masing etapi mau cerita waktu kejadian autis saat dimobilnya haha gini, haha haha hahahahahahhaha, jadi waktu perjalanan pulang kita ngomong ngomong, enggak tau gimana gue tiba tiba ngerocos lagu cinta satu malam, itu loh lagu dangut remix gitu-_-, yap kita semua nyanyi lagu itu dan gue rekam bwahahahaha *ini mungkin galucu tapi kalo liat kejadian aslinya pasti ketawa atau ilfeel* terus kan kita pada dengerin radio, taudah radio apaan, tiba tiba siradio ngasih tau kalo A.T Mahmud meninggal Innalillahi turut berduka cita, dia yang nyiptain lagu ambilkan bulan bu, dan mars tk gue-___- terus mia ngajakin mengheningkan cipta buat A.T Mahmud asalkan kalian tau gue bilang dengan kesotoyan gue dipencipta lagu balonku kan? yang lain pada bilang iya, PADAHAL BUKAN, eh kita malah nyanyi lagu balonku buat menghingkan ciptanya, duuuh tobat. yap akhirnya mobil talitha pun menuju rumah gue setelah memulangkan davina kepada keluarganya yang telah ditinggalkan selama kurang lebih 9 jam, 'ya ini udah stop' gue mencoba nyetopkan supir talitha wah ternyata dia dengar*yaiyalah* yak gue langsung masukin semua barang gue ke kantong tas gramedia kecuali hp, hp gue dikantong setiap saat. etapi waktu gue mau masuk rumah gue balik lagi 'eh kamera gue?' 'eh ada disini deng' ya tanya sendiri jawab sendiri. tapi waktu masuk gue langsung keluarin semua mmj ada, --- ada, kamera ada, ROLLING STONE NYA MANA? DOMPETNYA MANA? ya gue langsung telfon talitha GA DIANGKAT, telfon prima GA DIANGKAT JUGA, satu satunya harapan gue adalah mia YA Allah dia angkat, gue gasempet sujud syukur, gue langsung aja 'talitha mana?' gue nanya nanya rolling stone gue ketinggalan ga? katanya enggak paniklah gue, 'kalo dompet gue?' 'tunggu bentar' kata talitha sambil nyari 'enggak ada juga' jawabnya santai disebrang sana. GUE MAKIN PANIKoh tapinya Allah memberi muzizat gue tarik kursi gye ternyata rolling stonenya di selip selip kursi itu Alhamdullilah ketemu ETAPI MANA DOMPETNYAAAAAAA ya akhirnya gue memutuskan untuk keluar gue selidikin tadi gue keluar lewat mana terus balik lagi, *bokap gue ikut keluar* dengan rasa kesotoyan gue, gue maju lebih jauh dan gue nemuin dompet gue ALLAHUAKBAR tapi kok ada tatonya ya? TERNYATA BAN MOBIL TALITHA MELINDAS DOMPET GUE, ehm tatonya bagus....

udah ya capek sempga terhibur
eh tadi kan ada yang gue skip itu tanggal 10an ya


Friday, July 02, 2010


orang orang sekarang lagi banyak yang ngomongin bola haha, 'emang lo tau kenapa mir?' kayaknya sih tau walopun rada ngarang, gini, jujur gue juga suka bola walopun ga parah parah banget, hm gue dukung BELANDA itu tuh sipenjajah indonesia selama 3 setengah abad, oke jadi OOT,

'mira jadi apa jawabannya?'
gini loh kan world cup adanya 4 taun sekali ya pasti ditunggulah. ngerti?
udahlah cerna aja dulu pasti ngerti.
'okelah ngerti'

yaudah sampe sini aja bingung mau nulis apa lagi

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

next grade

hey you know i will go to next grade in my school its 9th hehe
okey i dont have many idea to posting in here. so bye


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


look it's the video of lady gaga, alejandro. first time i saw this video in first minute i feel scared hahahaha, but when i listen this song my head was sway hih.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

freak? up to you

ya that is my friends hehe
number one is davina the funny people
number two prima the pretty people
number three talitha the smart people

hah? me? no no no

look the picture it's captured at my room haha, ohya talitha's photo is not same like davina and prima, because talitha must go to home before we have an idea about the photo hehe

water drops

i like photography, hm i have olympus dslr e410

one day i saw in flickr about water drops, and then i search the tutorial in youtube this and i try it this the photo, ya its bad, but i like it hehe

ya im not just take two picture, its to much hehe because the photo is bad ohya i like this photo

Splash of Color Pictures, Images and Photos

thank you

Monday, June 21, 2010


ya kamu tahu? kemaren itu ada ulangan umum, atau kita bisa singkat menjadi ulum

ini jadwal disekolah 109, sekolah kesayanganku, tempat pelarianku dari rumah

Senin IPA

Selasa IPS


P Kn


ya seenggaknya ada penyeimbang, enggak langsung yang susah dicampurnya yang susah, mati aja kalo gitu

Saturday, June 19, 2010


well reader (halah yang baca aja dikit) i want to talk-_-
udah ah indonesia aja

haha kemaren itu gue sempet kebandung buat acara kawinan seorang cucu adam dan hawa, ya gue cuman sebentar disitu karena gabetah isinya orang tua semua dan hasilnya gue hunting foto disana emang sih jelek jelek tapi kalo mau liat aja

sebelum melihat sebaiknya kalian menyiapkan:
-ember untuk mencegah muntah yang berceceran atau males lari ke wastafel
-minum untuk mencegah cegukan
-tempat duduk yang nyaman untuk persiapan saat pingsan

jika sudah menpunyai barang tersebut silahkan liat

udah ah segitu aja capek

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

MTV Movie Award

I know its late but check this out

Best Movie:The Twilight Saga:
New Moon

Best Comedic Performance:
Zach Galifianakis

Global Superstar:
Robert Pattinson

Best Male Performance:
Robert Pattinson

Biggest BadAss Star:

Best Villain:
Tom Felton

Best WTF Moment:
Ken Jeong

MTV Generation Award:
Sandra Bullock

Best Kiss:
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Best Scared-As-S**t Performance:
Amanda Seyfried

Best Breakout Star:
Anna Kendrick

Best Female Performance:
Kristen Stewart

Best Fight:
Beyoncé Knowles vs. Ali Larter

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


HAHA he's cute ha? I love him so much, i forget to wrote in my post last -_-

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go back (?)

see my very first blog
click the picture

Friday, May 28, 2010

Help farah to get the money

Really? yes
Why? she want to buy new lens for her camera
How? Sell a photo in internet (she said)

well, farah told me she want a money, first i give a job to her to run until my home HAHA and i said she can get 20.000 if she run back until shcool, but she only take until my home haha satisfy, and i give 10.000

but now she want to sell her photo in devian art or flickr, and she said want to take new photo in taman menteng and taman suropati, ya i want to but not i do not sell my photo, i know my photo is bad. and this is my photo in taman menteng and taman suropati